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CHINA HOUSE ENTERPRISES LTD. is a company from China exhibitors of 118th Canton Fair, the content including the email, address, tel, fax and so on.


  • Products ShowRoom :
    Cases and bags; Home textiles; Shoes; Home decorations; Fashion accessories and fittings; Gifts and premiums;
  • Scope of Business :
  • Main Products :
    Bag , Foot ,Accessories, Textile
  • Briefing :
    Company Profile:China House Enterprises Ltd is a joint-stock private company, founded in July 1, 1998 by 24 initiators and started business in Sept. 1 in the same year. Headquartered on its own properties of the whole 3rd, 4th, 5th and 9th floors of Yuehai Building, No. 472, Huan Shi Dong Road, Guangzhou, the Enterprises has now become a liable manufacturer as well as an international and domestic trader covering luggage and bags, footwear, garments, home textiles, and all accessories. With the hard work of all staff members, China House Enterprises Ltd realizes an annual growth of over 33% during the period of the past 8 years since its foundation. The Enterprises eyes a boost with healthy development, enlarged work teams and broaden business scopes. It brings up and has fostered many mature independent or semi-independent branches and offices including luggage and bags subsidiaries, footwear subsidiaries, retail chain stores, Shanghai subsidiaries, Lianyu Investment Company Limited, Yulian Investment Company Limited, Raw Materials Supplies Dept, Home Textile Dept, Fashion Accessories Dept, Hangzhou Office, Wenling Office, Yiwu Office. It also invests in factories and manufacturers including Guangzhou Yulian Management Consultancy Co., Ltd., Zhaoqing Lianyu Company Limited and Zhaoqing Industry Park, Foshan Sanshui Zhongjiahao Hardware Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Bohai Footwear Co., Ltd., Taizhou Best Footwear Co., Ltd. , Guangzhou Panyu Sogo Leather Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Julong Luggage & Bags Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Hongwei Leather Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Shengkai Leather Co., Ltd., Chongfa International Co., Ltd. Zhaoqing Yongyu Leather Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Runyu Leather Co., Ltd. , Guangzhou Tongyu Leather Co., Ltd.Dragged by trading and based on industry, it has now become a synthesized business body of 28 units, integrated in strategy and independent in finance, with a total of 4,500 staff members and an annual trading volume of USD 60,000,000, a total sales volume of RMB 550,000,000 including an internal yield of RMB 350,000,000. China House Enterprises Ltd commits to the mission of "Explore and implement a new business mode and spread it broadly". The Enterprises provides an opportunity of employment as well as a stage of starting business for all those full of dreams and ambitions, talents, and those willing to grow up with the Enterprises to work together to reach company goals, carry out social obligations and to build a harmonious community.China House Enterprises Ltd raises and follows the motto of "China House, My House; China House, Your House". This motto implies the Enterprise basic value: Improve jointly, Share equally and Risk mutually. Based on this motto, a lot of talents and professionals from all parts of China gather together here to work with business partners, providers, clients and customers to establish a close, healthy, stable relationship as between. China House Enterprises Ltd carries out a flat management structure under the premise of no change in system and no change in culture value. The Enterprises tries to fill the best people in the best occupations, the right people in the right places, which guarantee best performance and high efficiency. To meet the requirements of the Enterprises and its staff member, the society, the Enterprises are now gradually broadening and deepening its business to the scope of import & export, real estate, and hatched programs.As a private company of social obligations and corporate morality, China House Enterprises Ltd doesn't forget to return the society. The Enterprises donates an annual fixed part of its revenues to set up some relief funds for those who need help. These funds include China House CommonwealFund to support the schoolless kids in the poor urban areas, China House Sunlight Fund to aid the gifted college students, and China House Prison Fund to help released prisoners rebuild their lives, and even offer them job opportunities within the Enterprises. China House Enterprises Ltd is a land full of vigor and vitality. Its headquarter has evolved into a training center as well as a corporate culture cradle, which covers the careers and lives of its staff members from birth to death, from inside the office to outside the office, from family lives to careers prosperity. It sets an example of a new modern Utopia for Chinese private companies. It guarantees to its staff members.China House Enterprises Ltd offers job opportunities and lifetime welfare to its staff members who accept its corporate culture. It also guarantees profits and benefits to its business partners and customers even prior to its own profits and benefits in the fair and equal play. Eager for success and active in career, China House Enterprises Ltd is always seeking and exploring its own development mode of acquiring a corresponding superiority in its business scopes, keeping the best profit level, increasing sales volume and market share while keeping the Enterprises culture and value, maintaining a continuous and stable increase. To create the values of our customers, our staff members, our investors and our society, China House Enterprises Ltd is constant and never ending improving our career with dreams, passion and beliefs to build a glorious and proud China House. China House, my house! China House, Your house!

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