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JIANGSU HIGH HOPE INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO.,LTD is a company from China exhibitors of 118th Canton Fair, the content including the email, address, tel, fax and so on.


  • Products ShowRoom :
    Men and women's clothing; Toiletries; Home decorations; Household items; Food; Toys; Vehicle spare parts; Kids' wear; Office supplies; Shoes; Fashion accessories and fittings; Personal care products; Household electrical appliances; Hardware; Underwear; Home textiles; Lighting Equipment; Festival products; Cases and bags; Tools; Sports and casual wear; Clocks, watches & optical instruments;
  • Scope of Business :
  • Main Products :
    textiles, tools, light industrial products, etc
  • Briefing :
    High Hope Int'l Group Corp., Ltd . was set up on December 18, 1996. the Group has a total asset of over 3 billion RMB ,which includes a net asset of about 1 billion RMB. The group chiefly serves as a dealer and agent in various commodities permitted by the government, import and export trade of technology. In 2006, its total volume of import and export reached 1.22 billion US dollars, including 1.08 billion US dollars as export, hence ranking the third in Jiangsu province. Its economic results also took the lead among provincial foreign trade companies. The group has subsidiaries respectively in USA, Britain, Japan and Hong Kong, in addition to several semi-attached shareholding enterprises mainly engaged in foreign trade business.Proceeding from the concept of becoming bigger and stronger with a long-term objective, the Group has formulated the development strategy of "Moderate diversification". With foreign trade as the basis and vanguard, it plans to gradually turn itself from a trader to a manager of the supply chain in next five years or more so as to extend its sales service network and develop industry in the world. Provided that the main industry advances rapidly along with the quality increase, one or two more pillar industries are to be developed so as to bring about new points of economic growth, hence enabling the enterprise to turn into an enterprise group with powerful market competitiveness, fairly strong economic strength and quite high invisible asset value in its constant pursuit for the goal of "Becoming bigger and stronger with a long-term objective."

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